"Had the best sleep ever. These sheets make the bed so cool and comfortable to sleep onto. "

— Pei Ling, Mum of 2
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Tested & Certified Safe For Sensitive Skin

Tencel Bed Sheets

Pamper Yourself With The Best Bed Sheets

Love yourself, pamper yourself with the best bed sheets.

Enjoy a good night sleep on our super soft, silky and cooling tencel bed sheets with your loved one.

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Bamboo Bedsheet Hypoallergenic Bed Sheets

Gentle For Skin

Our bamboo bed sheets are soft and pleasant to the skin.

Perfect hypoallergenic bedding solution for people with sensitive skin.

Gentle even for baby skin!

Skin Safe Bamboo Bed Sheets
Bamboo Sheets

Wake Up Feeling Refresh and Recharge

Granjoy sheets are extremely cooling and comfortable to sleep on. Perfect bedding for hot and humid weather in Singapore.

Have a deep rested sleep with our softest and ultra cooling bed sheets.

Wake up feeling totally refresh and recharge for a brand new day!

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It does its job

Smooth and cooling

Absolutely worth buying as it’s really cooling to the touch and it’s so smooth


I love to use high quality @granjoysg Fitted Sheet because the material is cooling which suitable for Singapore hot weather!
Especially the the price is affordability, and order inline! It’s so convenient!

Bamboo bundle set

Quality was quite ok but sad thing is it doesn't include bolster cover and I have to buy separately.

A real joy

Misty Grey gives me a relaxing feeling. So smooth. Every night lying on my bed chill me down from my daily stress. Always look forward to going to bed n hate getting up.


Bought Misty Grey. Very relaxing colour. Not to mention it is so smooth, cooling and a joy to lie down on it. I have bought 6 different colors from Granjoy and they are all beautiful.

love it

I was super surprised when the bedsheet arrived. the packaging is superb. The bedsheet is smooth and comfortable.Going to bed is a real joy. I now hv 4 Granjoy bedsheet sets. Goes to show how impressed I am to part with $300+ for each sets.

love it

I have been using Tencel for a long time. Chance across Granjoy and never look back buying from Retail stores anymore. Granjoy Tencel is really smooth and cooling and a real joy to be in bed. Enjoy going to bed now. Thank You Granjoy

love it

I ordered 2 sets, one white n the other misty grey
I have been using Tencel for quite awhile. These 2 sets are by far the best tencel bedsheet set I have.
The feel is luxurious feel super smooth. Enjoy sleeping on it. Just wish there are more color selection.

Love it!

Love my new white fitted sheet !! They are super soft and comfy! It also shows improvement in my son's mild eczema skin as it's so gentle on the skin. I also realized that he is not sweating as much at night anymore. When he sleeps well, as parents, we sleep better too.

Skin loving bedsheets

This bed sheet is very soft and silky to sleep on. It has an attractive shine that looks luxurious. It is very gentle on skin and perfect to avoid sleep lines. It is great for people with skin sensitivities, allergy and eczema.

Tencel Bundle Set
Ebenezer Yoon
Highly recommend for people who have sensitive skin like me!

Didn't know tencel bedsheets are that comfortable! Highly recommend for people who have sensitive skin like me!

Tencel Bundle Set
Ririka Chen
Love this bedsheet so much!

I enjoy my every sleep on this bed sheet now and definitely will buy another set! it is super comfy, soft, and cooling, perfect for Singapore weather.

Must BUY this!

The prequel to a great meal is a great presentation, and nothing could be more fitting when it comes to bed time! I always feel better and more relief in a comfortable bed. This bedsheet is awesome, very smooth and soft. It greatly improve my sleep quality.

Very Fast Delivery

Very fast delivery. Yesterday order, today receive. Not opened up yet. Meant to be a birthday gift for my girlfriend.

this will be the only sheets I get from now

Bamboo sheet has always been my favorite. I love this is made of 100% pure bamboo and bamboo is anti-bacterial in nature. Granjoy bamboo has a very special hand feel. I had tried many bamboo before and this will be the only sheets I get from now. Other sheets feel cheap after this.

Best Bedsheets!

This bedsheet is full of softness & I love the cooling sensation that I want to sleep in longer. TENCEL material is really good! Best Buy!

Bamboo Bed Sheet Set
Elizabeth Tay
I'm so happy that this has help my husband with his sleep quality

I don't usually leave comment but I'm so happy with these sheets. My husband has insomnia problem due to high level of stress at work. With these new sheets, he seems to fall asleep much faster these days and also sleeping more soundly. The comfortable sheets are making him more relaxed. I'm so happy that this has help my husband with his sleep quality.

Delivery late, received after CNY

Bought 4 bundle sets 1 week before Chinese New Year for replacing our old sheets. My kids were very excited that we are finally upgrading our sheets this new year, but was totally disappointed that delivery did not come before CNY. What's the point of sending us the sheets on the 5th day of CNY? Our whole family have no new bedsheet for CNY, we have to use our old sheets. Will not buy again.

I love bamboo and granjoy sheets are a high grade of bamboo

I love bamboo and granjoy sheets are a high grade of bamboo. That makes it so soft and cooling and they have a beautiful shine .

I believe that my skin can't lie to me

I believe that my skin can't lie to me, when I touch the granjoy's bed sheets . I know this is what I want.

My body is easy to allergic and itchy. So I really happy to receive the new bed sheets and hold it whole night

Good for sensitive skin

My skin is ultra sensitive. I can't sleep on synthetic bedsheet for even a few mins. All along, I only slept on Egyptian cotton. I came across Granjoy and thought I would give it a try. Sometime, it can be difficult to find quality Egyptian cotton so was thinking of getting an alternative. This is my first time trying sheet other than Egyptian cotton and I was a little concern prior to using this. Granjoy sheets do live up to its promise. It is even softer and cooler than Egyptian cotton. And made of 100% pure bamboo it is really gentle for my ultra sensitive skin.

Tencel Bundle Set
Jessie Goh
Had the best night sleep with these cooling and comfy sheet

I have bought all types of sheets before. To me, the most important thing for picking a sheet is to keep me cool at night. If you are a hot sleeper like me these sheets are for you! It was the first time I have had the best night sleep with these cooling and comfy sheet. And I like that these sheets are hypoallergenic, safe for skin.

Best Bedsheet Ever

Feels like im sleeping in a 5 star hotel 😍. It has a very soft and cooling texture that I like and it's material is thin enough to have that comfortable feel.

color is nice

color is nice, bought the grey color, it look very nice, make my whole room look very high class!