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Every queen bed sheet and duvet cover set includes the following :

✔️1 x Cooling Bamboo Sheet Set
1 x Fitted Sheet - 152 x 200 x 38cm
2 x Pillowcase - 51 x 76cm
✔️1 x Duvet Cover - 210 x 210cm
✔️2 x Beautiful Storage Bags (Same Material As Bed Sheet)

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What are Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo sheets are created from the pulp of the bamboo plant and are completely natural. They are an excellent alternative to cotton since they are hypoallergenic, longer lasting, and breathable.

What are Silk Sheets?

Silk sheets have been used for millennia and are widely used in many nations. They are made of silk fabric, a form of protein fiber derived from silkworm cocoons. Silk sheets are among the most sumptuous bedding options available today. They are very soft and silky to the touch, making them a joy to sleep on every night.

So why choose Granjoy bamboo queen bed sheets over silk bedding sets?

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Soft and Smooth

Bamboo sheets are soft and comfortable against the skin, and they feel smooth, cool, and breathable.

Silk sheets have a silky texture that is smooth and breathable, giving the impression that you are sleeping on a cloud!

However, because Granjoy bamboo sheets are made of natural fibers, they are more breathable than silk sheets.

Silk is made from silkworm cocoons, which can become hot when used in summer bedding sets.

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Bamboo sheets are made from bamboo, a renewable resource that grows quickly and can be harvested after 4-5 years. Bamboo sheets are far more sustainable than silk because they are grown with fewer chemicals and do not require water or fertilizer. Many types of silk, however, are derived from wild silkworms, which must be killed in order to extract their silk threads, while bamboo is vegan.

Longer Lasting

Bamboo is naturally insect, mold, and mildew-resistant, making it one of the most durable fabrics available today! It also has natural antibacterial properties, so your bamboo sheets will last longer than other fabrics like cotton or silk.

Bamboo bedding sets last longer than silk sheets because they are more resistant to wear and tear caused by friction between two surfaces, such as rubbing together. This means that you won't have to worry about your queen size bed sheets wearing out over time; it will outlast any other type of bed sheet on the market today!

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Granjoy bamboo bedsheets are typically less expensive than silk bedsheets.

Silk is a high-end material, and the price reflects this.

Bamboo bedsheets are a more affordable option for those looking for a luxurious feel without breaking the bank.

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Environmentally Conscious

Bamboo sheets are made of bamboo fiber, which is a natural fiber derived from the bamboo plant. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that is considered a sustainable resource because it can be harvested without harming the plant or its environment and grows back quickly.

Silk bed sheets are made from silkworms that live in silk thread cocoons. These silkworms must be killed in order to obtain their silk threads, causing environmental damage.

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Gentle On Your Skin

Bamboo is hypoallergenic by nature, which means it is less likely to cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin or allergies. Some people even report that wearing bamboo sheets rather than cotton or polyester sheets does not cause allergic reactions! By absorbing sweat and other oils from your body, bamboo does not irritate your skin like cotton does, so you'll never wake up feeling sticky or damp in your bed again!

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Bamboo fabric is extremely breathable and has excellent moisture-wicking capabilities. It lets air circulate, keeping you cool and comfortable all night. Bamboo queen bedsheets are especially suitable for those who sleep hot or live in hot climates especially in Singapore.

Silk, on the other hand, can trap warmth and isn't as breathable as bamboo.

Simple To Maintain

Silk bed sheets are delicate and must be handled with care; they must also be cleaned separately from other textiles due to color bleeding, shrinking, and wrinkling. Furthermore, silk is easily stained.

Bamboo sheets are unique because they are constructed of a natural material that is simple to keep and clean. Additionally, the bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic and resistant to germs, mold, and mildew.

Unlike silk, bamboo sheets may be machine or hand washed without causing damage or color fading!

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