"Had the best sleep ever. These sheets make the bed so cool and comfortable to sleep onto. "

— Pei Ling, Mum of 2
Bamboo Sheets

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Based on 606 reviews
Bamboo Bedsheet Duvet Cover Bundle Set
TAN CHIN CHIN (Singapore, SG)

I love bedsheet material and cooling

love the bedsheet material/ Awesome service

the sheets are so soft and cooling. the service at Granjoy was spectacular. i ordered & informed the service agent that i will be away. they asked when my return dates are so that they could reschedule the delivery to me! perfect service!

Bamboo Bedsheet Duvet Cover Bundle Set
THOMAS LIM (Singapore, SG)

Bamboo Bedsheet Duvet Cover Bundle Set

Bamboo Bedsheet Duvet Cover Bundle Set
Rafidah Jaafar (Singapore, SG)

I bought another brand that cost the same expecting granjoy to be the same. But it is much more amazing. Falls asleep easily now. It’s soft and cooling. Only sad is no bolster cover. But thats on me for not reading. Get it yaa. Recommended to my family and friends

Bed Bug Mattress Encasement
Eunice Lai (Singapore, SG)
Quality Assurance: The Perfect Mattress Encasement for Peaceful Nights

The quality of this mattress encasement is exceptional. The durable material fits my mattress impeccably, and its use has notably reduced bug-related concerns. Undoubtedly a worthwhile investment for a serene sleeping experience. Absolutely worth buying!

Bed Bug Mattress Encasement
Winnie Tan (Singapore, SG)
Bug-Free Bliss: A Top-Notch Mattress Cover That Delivers

This mattress cover? It's top-quality stuff! The material's sturdy, fits my mattress like a glove, and you know what? Bugs? They're history since I got this. Totally worth every penny for a worry-free sleep!

Bed Bug Mattress Encasement
Emilia Teo (Singapore, SG)
Very useful bed bug encasement mattress

Wow, this mattress encasement from Granjoy is seriously a lifesaver! Dealing with those bed bugs was such a headache, but this thing, it's really something else! Super strong, easy to put on, and best part? It really keeps those annoying bugs away. Now, finally, I can sleep peacefully again, no more worries. Highly recommended!

Tencel Duvet Cover
Tiffany Huang (Singapore, SG)
Soft and cooling

Soft, cooling and absolute comfort when placed upon my body every night! Superb sheets that I've bought this year!

Tencel Bed Sheets Set
Dexter Goh (Singapore, SG)
Legendary bedsheets for my liking!

Dude, these sheets? Legendary! I've got like a bunch of others, but these? Only ones I'm crashing on. They're just too good, man! 10/10 highly recommended!

Tencel Bundle Set
Sarah Yeo (Singapore, SG)
Absolutely great bedsheets!

Absolutely love these sheets! My linen closet's packed with different ones, but these? They're my go-to for a good night's sleep. Nothing beats them, seriously!

Bed Bug Mattress Encasement
Paul Tan (Singapore, SG)
Highly recommended!

Good quality, highly recommended!

Bamboo Bolster Case
Samantha Ong (Singapore, SG)
Good night sleep every night!

Putting this on my bolster feels so much better every night! Love it and highly recommended!

Bamboo Pillowcase Set
Lim Bing Hua (Singapore, SG)
Fast and good

fast delivery and good quality

Bamboo Duvet Cover
Alicia Ong (Singapore, SG)
Snuggle under blanket is so much more comfortable with this duvet cover

Love to snuggle under my blanket now with this duvet cover!

Bamboo Bed Sheet Set
Carol Goh (Singapore, SG)
great quality bedsheet

Great quality bedsheet! Cooling and smooth to the touch! Will definitely buy again!

Bed Bug Mattress Encasement
Joven Lim (Singapore, SG)
Good, easy to put it on and fast delivery

Fast delivery and mattress encasement is nicely packed. Instructions on how to put it on is clear and precise even my grandmother would be able to do it.

Bed Bug Bolster Protector
Karen Yeo (Singapore, SG)

Got this bolster protector together with the mattress encasement that I've purchased here. Speedy delivery!

Bed Bug Pillow Protector
Karen Yeo (Singapore, SG)
Thumbs up!

Bought this together with the bed bug mattress encasement! Good quality!

Bed Bug Mattress Encasement
Karen Yeo (Singapore, SG)
Good mattress encasement hopefully it prevents bed bug!

With the recent Korea bed bug cases, I've decided to get one of this as I travel to and fro Korea quite a lot and hopefully this bed bug mattress encasement can prevent such things from happening to me. The delivery was fast too! Ordered on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday night!

Tencel Pillowcase Set
Kenneth Png (Singapore, SG)
Fast delivery and excellent quality!

Bought again as my extra pillowcases so that I can use it again after washing the old ones! Received it within 2 days and items are well packaged!

Tencel Duvet Cover
Edmund Wee (Singapore, SG)


Tencel Bed Sheets Set
Tammy Ong (Singapore, SG)

Got the tencel bedsheet in good condition and my son really like the comfort that it brings!

Tencel Bundle Set
Eugenia Lim (Singapore, SG)

Excellent quality really love it!

Bamboo Bedsheet Duvet Cover Bundle Set
Zheng Da Ong (Singapore, SG)

Bamboo Bedsheet Duvet Cover Bundle Set

Bed Bug Mattress Encasement
Mandy Lim (Singapore, SG)
Easy to install and totally seal the mattress

Somehow my son got bed bugs on his mattress. We decided to throw it out and get a new one. But we wanted an encasement in case they came back. This encasement was easy to install on a fairly thick mattress. Hopefully we wont' get bed bugs again!