single size bedsheet

Every single bed sheet and duvet cover set includes the following :

✔️1 x Cooling Bamboo Sheet Set
1 x Fitted Sheet - 92x 200 x 38cm
1 x Pillowcase - 51 x 76cm
✔️1 x Duvet Cover - 140 x 210cm
✔️2 x Beautiful Storage Bags (Same Material As Bed Sheet)

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What are Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo sheets are made from bamboo fiber, which the bamboo plant produces. The fibers are then extracted from the bamboo stalk and then woven into fabric. They are made from 100% organic material, so bamboo are eco-friendly and renewable. They also feel incredibly soft and comfortable to sleep on.

So why Granjoy bamboo bed sheets?

single bedsheet
single bedsheets
single sheets
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king size bed sheets
king size bedsheet
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single size bed sheet

Soft And Silky

Bamboo being one of the softest fabric available on the market, it is so soft that it feels like a silky bedsheet. Granjoy single size bed sheets feel great against your skin and provide a relaxing sleep.

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Cooling Bed Sheets

Bamboo itself possesses inherent cooling properties. The bamboo plant that the bedsheet is made of grows in tropical climates and has evolved to withstand high temperature. As a result, bamboo fibers have a natural soft, silky and cooling feel that contributes to a refreshing sensation when in contact with the skin.

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Granjoy bamboo bed sheet has a natural antimicrobial properties which inhibited the growth of bacteria and fungi. By reducing the presence of odor-causing microbes, our single bedsheet helps to maintain freshness and eliminate unpleasant smells that can be associated with sweat or body odor.

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Bamboo has a natural micro-gaps and a porous structure that allows for excellent breathability. These tiny gaps in the bamboo fibers enable air circulation, allowing heat and moisture to escape from the body and the bedsheets. This helps to regulate your body temperature and prevents the sheets from trapping heat, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

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Botanical Origin

Both bamboo and tencel bed sheets are made from botanical origin therefore they are considered to be eco-friendly and sustainable options for bedsheets because of their renewable sources and lesser environmental impact.

Bedsheet made of natural material are more healthy to sleep on compared to synthetic polyester bedsheet.


Granjoy Bamboo bed sheets is the best choice for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin. This is because our fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, as it resists the growth of bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. Thus making the single sheets a hygienic option for those prone to allergies or respiratory issues.

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Temperature Regulating

Our bedsheets adapts to changes in temperature, helping to keep you cool in warmer environments and warm in colder environments. Letting you have a good night sleep!

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Easy Maintenance

Bamboo bedsheets are generally easy to care for.

Machine Washable in Cold Water.

Preferably to wash your sheets on delicate cycle.

Tumble Dry on Low Heat.

Use a mild detergent for longer lasting of the sheets.

Do not use bleach and softener.

Avoid dry cleaning. Use a dryer only if necessary, but be sure to choose low heat.

Iron on Low Heat.

single bed sheet size

Looking for other sizes?

Our Bed Sheet Set are also available in - Single Bed sheet, Super Single Bed sheet, Queen Bed sheet and King Bed Sheet.

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