Ultimate Protection

Against Bed Bugs, Dust Mites and Fluid Spills

Granjoy bed bug bolster protector provide ultimate complete protection for your bolsters against bed bugs, dust mites, fluids spills, urine, bedwetting, perspiration, sweat and allergens.

Bed Bugs No More

Leave No Room For Bed Bugs To Hid Within Your Bolsters

Bed bugs are nasty and tricky creatures. They usually hid at some corners within your bolster. Come out in the middle of the night to bite, and then hid back to the bolster waiting for the next day feast on you. Granjoy bed bug bolster protector completely sealed up the entire bolster, leaving no room for bed bugs to seep into and hid within the bolster and coming out in the middle of the night to bite you.

360° Protection

Hidden Zipper

Granjoy bed bug bolster protector completely sealed up the entire pillow with its propriety design hidden zipper. Our bolster protector provide 360° protection that ensure no bed bugs are unable to enter or exit the bolster.

Prevent Entry and Exit Of Bed Bugs

There is totally no room for bed bugs to seep into and hid within the bolster and coming out in the middle of the night to bite you. For bed bugs that are already hiding within the bolster, our special zipper lock these bugs within the pillow. They are unable to get out of the bolster to feast on you.

Protection Against Dust Mites

Granjoy bed bug bolster protector also protect against dust mites and the allergy caused by dust mites.

The TPU waterproof membrane on the underside prevent dust mites from moving up and down the bolster. Hence, preventing dust mites from collecting onto the bolster. It is always a good idea for those who suffer from daily allergy and asthma triggers beside protecting your mattress also protect your pillows and bolsters from dust mites.

100% Waterproof

Made from 100% waterproof and breathable fabric with smooth and comfortable surface touch.

Granjoy zippered bolster protectors are specially designed to wick away water, fluids, perspiration and urine. It block out allergens and dust mites for a good night sleep.

Granjoy Bed Bug Mattress Protectors

Granjoy Bolster Protectors – More Than The Average Plastic Bolster Protector

You need more than the average plastic feel bolster protector to protect your bed from bed bugs, dust mites, fluid spills, urine, sweat and perspiration.

Granjoy premium quality bed bug proof bolster protector is designed from beginning to end to provide 100% ultimate protection.

Noiseless – No Crinkling Sound

Many other plastic bolster protectors make a lot of plastic crinkling sound when lay onto. This certainly is very disturbing for a good night of sleep.

Granjoy waterproof bolster protector is made differently, it is noiseless when sleep onto. There is no crinkling sound because we use high quality polyester on the top surface.


Easy to install bolster encasement that comes with hidden zipper. It is easy to install and remove.

Machine Washable

Our bolster protectors are machine washable in normal temperature water. To make the bolster protector more lasting, it is best to avoid drying in dryer. Best to sun dry or air dry it for it to last longer.

Granjoy Zippered Mattress Encasement For The Whole Family

Keeping Your Brand New Mattress Protected

You have invested on a brand new mattress. It is time to keep it protected from fluid spills, perspiration, bed bug and dust mite.

Protects against children bedwetting

Our products are made in compliance with baby and children safe standard – Check Out Our OEKO-TEX certificate here.

Elderly Incontinence issues

Keep your elderly mattress dry and clean with the waterproof mattress protector. The fitted design make it easy for changing the sheet when wet.

Get The 6 Sided Bed Bug Mattress Encasement Here

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Leong SM
Waterproof Mattress Protector

It does its job

Benny Chua
Save on buying a new mattress

We moved into a rented room that had bed bugs (so gross). We have been struggling on whether to buy a new mattress, after all, this is only a temporary few months stay. We bought this bed bug mattress encasement to close up the entire mattress, along with all the pillows. So far so good, we haven't gotten bitten since we encase up the mattress. Save us $$$ on buying a new mattress.

Linda Lim
Works Great for Toilet Training

Using it for toilet training for my toddler. I have been washing daily for close to a month now, the mattress protector still holding up in good condition.

Cathy Ong
Works well!

Our baby wet on our bed so my husband took off both the bedsheet and mattress protector to wash. Our mattress was totally dry, not affected. Works well. I'm happy with this!

Lilian Too
Bed bugs are gone!

The mattress encasement seems to have done it's job. While I am still not 100% confirm to have resolve the bed bug problem but I do feel a little more confident with this mattress protector. Five day straight, no bed bugs on the bed found! Pray this helps for more oncoming days without bed bugs coming to surface.