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Cassie Lim
This lamp has so many functions!

I got more that what i paid for! Firstly, it acts as a charger to charge my phone. Secondly, it acts as a speaker to play my music. Thirdly, it acts as an alarm clock. Lastly, I can put on a lightshow in my room with this lamp on! Amazing!

Awesome and Pretty

Love this LED lamp! not only is it pretty, it is very functional too! Able to charge my phone wirelessly, and play some music when I'm feeling the mood, AWESOME!

Henry Ng
Classy Lamp for all ages.

Chic, convenient, and classy – this lamp ticks all the boxes. It elevates the ambiance of my bedroom and makes bedtime a breeze. The wireless charging is a standout feature, and the touch controls are a joy to use. It's a classy addition to any bedside table. My kids have been bringing this lamp into their rooms to play it many nights and I think very soon I will need to buy 1 for their room as well!

Florence Lian
No More Messy Cables

Say goodbye to messy charging cables! This lamp has decluttered my nightstand and made it look more organized than ever. The wireless charging is fast and efficient, and the touch controls are super responsive. It's a dream come true for those who value both style and functionality.

Elizabeth Yeo
Sleek Design with a Few Minor Quirks

I recently purchased this bedside LED lamp with wireless fast charging, and overall, I'm quite satisfied with it. The sleek and modern design fits perfectly with my bedroom decor.

However, I did encounter a couple of minor quirks. The touch-sensitive controls can be a bit sensitive at times, making it easy to accidentally change the brightness level or turn off the lamp when reaching for my phone. Additionally, the brightness settings could be a bit more versatile; I sometimes find the lowest setting still a bit too bright for late-night reading.

Nevertheless, these are minor issues, and I'm enjoying the lamp's functionality and aesthetics. It's a good addition to my bedroom, and I would recommend it.